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About Our iN2ITarot

Answering FAQs Questions on Our Latest Tarot Deck!

What is the iN2ITarot?
The iN2ITarot is our latest tarot product, slated for shipment in December and fully-funded through Kickstarter in 2022. It is in print production as of November 14.

This project has been our most challenging to date as we were "leveling up" in every respect through the creation of this deck. Not only did Kimberley rework all images for better printing quality and appearance, we incorporated features into this deck that we have never used before using "cold printing" process for adding gold foil stamping to an already gorgeous deck.

We also created our own custom size tarot deck to be slightly smaller than a standard tarot deck (in the same proportions). And, we included gold gilded edges. We are so very proud of this deck. 
What iN2ITarot Versions are Available?

If you are new to tarot or prefer to have some guidance on your cards, you might want to consider this deck because the keywords can help you learn tarot. No previous tarot reading experience nor book is necessary for this keyword version of our deck. Lots of experienced readers like it as well because the keywords are a good starting point for your own knowing.


If you are well versed in reading tarot and do not like keywords on your cards, you might consider the classic edition of our tarot deck, which has only a title and key phrase for upright and reverse positions, and NO KEYWORDS


A great choice for learning the tarot! If you'd like to learn tarot, you might consider our two-sided deck. One side has the Keywords Edition and the other the Classic Edition. Both sides have the upright and reverse positions of course just like our other decks. Our last tarot deck had a two-sided edition that was VERY popular for learning the tarot!

What is the latest update on the iN2ITarot?

As of Monday, November 14, our product is on the presses, will need to dry and then will be moving to a "cold press" process later this week, where it will receive it's gold stamping features!

Here are the latest visual we received from the manufacturer...

See the presses in action here: OR
When is the iN2ITarot going to be available for purchase?
Our new tarot deck (3 different versions) is available in this store and on Etsy right now. (International customers will want to visit Etsy.) 
Why Pre-Order?

We are pre-selling decks in order to be able to air ship those pre-sold decks to the US at the end of November. Otherwise, we will be shipping the rest of our inventory via sea freight due to the astronomical costs of air shipping right now. 
When is the iN2ITarot going to shipped out to pre-sold customers?
Because you are pre-purchasing and paying full price for this deck, a portion of that sale is going to air-shipping costs. Our product is slated to be completed at the manufacturer at the end of November, and then the pre-orders will be air shipped to the United States for processing and shipment. We anticipate that to be the first 10-14 days of December. We cannot, however, control any delays that happen during the production and shipping process so this is only an estimate. We will continue to update this once we have a more firm idea of shipment dates. So you will want to check back anytime!
When will customers receive their product?
If you are in the United States, most of our orders arrive in 3-5 business days from date of shipping. We believe that you will receive your order before Christmas so long as nothing changes.
If you are in Canada, it takes a bit longer maybe 10+ business days. If you are overseas, we have seen packages take 6 weeks to arrive but most arrive within 3-4 weeks. All countries except Canada and Australia are purchased through our Etsy store where customs and taxes are charged up front which really helps in making sure packages arrive timely. We insure all packages to foreign countries.