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Our oracle decks were created to provide features that are unique and make oracle readings easier, more accurate, reliable, and fun! Below is a list of the things that set us apart from other oracle decks. Our oracle decks have:


Most oracle decks contain 44 to 55 cards. iN2IT Oracle decks have THREE TIMES AS MANY CARDS! We designed our decks to have approximately 130 cards so that you have the ability to pull many more cards in a reading from the deck without getting tired of the same cards. Even when using in conjunction with other decks, our decks bring depth to your readings.



Our (often) object-based oracles with keywords allow you to read the energy of the cards by using a plethora of keywords so that you don't need to memorize the meaning of objects and the combinations thereof, you don't need a book to tell you the meanings of the cards AND you have a lot of words to choose from. Higher Self and Inner Knowing often help select the words that resonate in your readings just by jumping out at you!



Our trump-size oracle cards are about the same size as a standard playing card but slightly narrower and taller so they are easy to handle. This oracle card size is large enough to leave plenty of room for the many keywords on each card, but small enough to be able to shuffle like normal playing cards. They take up less space on your table as well!


Most oracle decks use different thicknesses of art paper which can be harder to handle. iN2IT oracle decks use a more expensive, casino-quality, playing card stock with aqueous coating that makes them a more flexible material, while being extremely durable! And the biggest benefit we find is a deck that is easy for you to shuffle! And these cards riffle and jump like very few decks we've seen. That makes it fun to use!



We do provide an insert as guidance on how to use the deck, but our decks use a whole range of keywords so that it prompts you to the card meanings. It becomes a lexicon of word choices for you to use based on what your inner knowing is telling you so that you don't have to refer to a book each time you want to find out what a card means. And, you don't have to rely on the author's interpretation. The keywords we have chosen leave the option to use your own words to describe what you are seeing in your own knowing!





iN2IT oracle decks work well together OR with other decks you already have. Go here to see how our decks differ from each other and how they work together. Each deck we publish in our line work well together and can be used to dive deeper into a reading to get more information on any questions you may have. We have found that Source gives clear indication of which decks to use for what questions which is the beautiful part of tuning into your inner knowing.