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Buy best-selling tarot and oracle decks at wholesale prices from Etsy STAR SELLER iN2IT Oracle Publishing for your bookstore, crystal shop, metaphysical store, healing center, or psychic center. 

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iN2IT creates stunning oracle and tarot decks, that couple original artwork with keywords to help readers easily tap into their inner knowing.

Slightly smaller, custom-sized cards make handling our decks a dream! We’ve also developed an exclusive, signature finish for exceptional durability and a smooth shuffling experience.

The iN2IT Wholesale Program

  • Beautiful, high quality decks with thousands of 5-Star reviews.
  • $250 minimum purchase required for wholesale pricing.
  • 50% off for great profit margins.
  • Buy 6 of one deck and get a one-time FREE floor sample of that deck to increase customer sales.
  • Personalized ordering for wholesale pricing
  • Mix & match ordering so that you can stock your shelves with what sells best to your customer base.
  • Same day shipping Monday-Friday.

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Our flagship line of iN2IT Oracle decks are unlike anything you’ll find on the market as they contain a whopping 130+ cards per deck!

Printed on high quality card stock with our exclusive, high-end finish and custom-sized for exceptional handling, these decks are housed in a beautiful, custom box* and include a small pamphlet guide for suggested use.

While each oracle has its own particular theme, they include familiar elements from the Tarot, Lenormand, spirit animals, astrology, zodiac signs, and planetary influences. Each card contains a plethora of keywords that enable readers to use the cards without having to reach for a book!

The iN2ITarot is sized a quarter inch smaller than a traditional tarot deck for easy handling. It also comes in 3 different versions so customers can choose the one that best suits their reading ability. Gilded edges, gold foil lettering, and an elegant foil box make these best-selling tarot decks a stunning complement to any collection. All artwork is based on familiar Rider-Waite style imagery and feature people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. 5 timing bonus cards are included!

Other decks include the iN2IT Angel Oracle, which is a more traditional oracle, sized for easy handling and includes a companion e-book, which readers can download.

Our 2 pocket-sized decks include the Q Oracle, which helps focus readings on a specific question and the iN2IT Pocket Tarot, perfect for readings on-the-fly.



iN2IT Oracle - 133 Oracle Cards

  • 36 Lenormand cards
  • 36 Bonus Lenormand cards
  • 24 Spirit animal cards
  • 36 Bonus cards
    • zodiac signs
    • planetary influencers
    • moon phases, elements &
    • modalities


Twin Flame Oracle - 122 Oracle Cards

  • 11 Suits of 11 Cards
  • 1 Twin Flame bonus card
  • Patterns
  • Telepathy
  • Romance
  • Karmic Ties
  • Communication
  • Timing & Intention
  • Growth
  • Mirrors
  • Union
  • Mission
  • Trust

Zodiac 108 - 132 Oracle Cards

  • 12 Zodiac sign suits
  • 9 Cards per suit
  • 24 Bonus cards
    • 7 People (adults & children)
    • 4 Seasons/life change cards
    • 4 Time frame cards
    • 9 Yes/No/Outcome cards


Astro Persona - 132 Oracle Cards

An evolutionary astrology oracle coming 2023!

  • 10 Planetary suits
  • 12 Houses per suit
  • Descriptive card title
  • Characteristics described through keywords
  • Message/advice


iN2ITarot - Classic Edition

  • Titles & sub-titles only
  • Magenta box & card back
  • 78 Cards
  • 5 Bonus Cards


iN2ITarot - Keywords Edition

  • Titles, sub-titles & keywords
  • Teal box & card backs
  • 78 Cards
  • 5 Bonus Cards


iN2ITarot - 2x Flashcard Edition

  • Keywords on front
  • Titles & sub-titles on back
  • 78 Cards
  • 5 Bonus Cards

iN2IT Angel Oracle

  • 47 Angels, name & title
  • Keywords describing angelic role
  • Angel message
  • Angel gemstone
  • Timing & advice 


 iN2ITarot - Palm-Sized Pocket Edition

  • Titles & sub-titles
  • Solid backs
  • 78 Cards 

Q Oracle

55 question cards cover topics from love & romance to finances, career, mission, healing, and spiritual growth!

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